19 November 2007

It's simple: just love

In church yesterday our pastor provided the space for us to review what we'd been hearing from the sermon on the mount. We've camped in Matthew 5-7 for the last several months. I love hearing how God is speaking to people.
One gentleman in particular shared a story of how he choose not to react to an attack on his character. Instead he said he just decided to love.

It's such a simple thing, really, the sense of loving others.
But the depth of the action requires the Holy Spirit's assistance daily, if not hourly, at least in my life and experience.

There's another church around here that sports bumper stickers.
They simply proclaim, "Love wins."

Wanna practice with me?
We all win when love wins...if u asked me.

(Oh yeah, the picture? A shower at church. Fun fruit from our favorite artist creator God. Love God. Love the fun fruit!)

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