10 November 2007

going green?

Green is the topic of the (day, month century)? So not to be outdone, at a recent meeting in Flint with other fine folks who work at Spring Arbor, we abandoned individual transportation to ride together. We carpooled, or vanpooled to be specific.
We journeyed from Kalamazoo, Grand Rapids, Battle Creek, Jackson, and Spring Arbor itself to meet up in Lansing. And the seven of us left our cars and piled in a van for the rest of the ride to Flint.
Aside from road construction, which one can never avoid, it was a great trip.
And because it's a tradition, I've include the latest photo of Chrissandra, Kati, and myself (see August for another edition).
And b/c we were having such fun,
Roxanne and Diane wanted to join too. Granted, five is a bit more challenging than three but you get the jist.

And then, after the festivities, we went our separate ways.
And went back to work.
Grateful for our jobs.
and each other!!


Sabrina said...

Hey Diana! Sounds like a fun time! In response to your comment on my blog, YES! that was the same house they had just finished building! And here they are re-building again! Hope all is well with you! Hugs!

Jewels said...

Nice to see you work with such happy people and I'm sure your presence helps!