30 October 2007

recently captured

No time to write...
but here's some photos of the last several days.
One of my dearest college friends,
Teresa, came to town for her son's football tournament.

The victors
--player and coach,
son and Dad.
Two games down,
two more to go.

Me and Devon.
This was the first time
he "got to stay"
at my house.
And although it was a little girly, :-)
he survived!

Gearing up for a costume party,
I "helped" my housemate put on these really
fabulous fake eyelashes.
They looked amazing.
And made my eyes
water like crazy even glancing at them.

Z was a great help
bringing big-ol logs
to add to the "Bon" fire.

And finally,
a sweet "reunion" lunch with former co-workers and friends.
It's challenging to catch up in that short of time...

and now, I can't procrastinate any longer.
The pages are calling...

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