13 October 2007

sunrise sunset

Earlier this week I was privileged to hang out with a group of pastors and their wives. I serve on a team that dedicates time and hopefully provides leadership in the area of spiritual growth and prayer. And one of the pieces of that has included hosting an annual retreat. So for the last several months, two other team members and myself have been praying, planning, listening, imagining, and scheduling pieces of this retreat.
Some moments we were so overwhelmed by God's love for these pastors and their wives that we were undone. It was as if God was opening up a piece of His heart to us and saying, "this is how much I love this group of people." It was precious and powerful.

It's been four days since the retreat concluded and I can't stop thanking God for His goodness and provision.
We watched Him tear down walls.
We observed people shaking off and trading in burdens.
We experienced hours of laughter that physically depleted and rejuvenated us simultaneously.
Individuals drew near to God.
Couples reveled in their marriages and God's faithfulness.
Canoes were tipped. Kayaks sunk.
Prayers provided healing and provoked unity.
Weather, sunlight, water, wind--every element seemed poised at its most hospitable to offer us the ultimate outdoor experience.

We are loved by the Lord. It is feasting from the richest of fare!


Laurence dSM said...

Thank you for sharing with photos. Nice blog. Have a nice day with your family.

L. (I'm a mother : one boy, one girl ; and a illustrator /paintor (my job).

Be happy !

Karla said...

hey diana,
maybe yours was better than ours. ours was good, but i am not reveling still.
and it wasn't focused on husbands and wives at all.
it was more about thriving in ministry.

Gracie said...

that's really disappointing. doesn't thriving in ministry need to point back to the relationship between husband and wife?? I'll talk to 'em. You just tell me where to go :-)

White Rabbit said...

to be fair, they never said it was about marriage. Secondly, we used "open space" which means we determined what the topics were!