05 October 2007

descension and dissension

in the city? or in the wild? who could tell from the creatures observed while walking with my friend Jordan every morning.

Yesterday we experienced a meeting of wild turkeys. We overheard and then witnessed one turkey making strange calls (to the sky it appeared). And that's when it became clear.
He was signaling a meeting.
Or not wanting to be alone.
Or making sure his peeps found where he was.
Or something.
Because they descended. One after another after another these wild turkeys awkwardly skidded to a halt on the lawns and the street of this particular cul-de-sac. They became ten strong.
And that's about the time the dissension hit. Apparently (perhaps?) there were too many females in this mix. They all started chasing and squawking and flapping their wings. It was insane.

Today it was just a few sweet deer who watched us watching them. And then they pranced and ran away.
What a world we live in.

In other news, there's all kinds of stuff going on with my Dad--waiting on additional biopsy results, waiting on surgery schedules, waiting on cancer determinations, etc. If you're in conversation with the Father about anything, please ask him about taking care of my Dad, would you?


Robin said...

Can turkeys fly? No, seriously can they?

Gracie said...

I witnessed them and Jordan would testify. They fly!! (Although, it's not the prettiest thing I've seen.)