17 October 2007

saints alive

I'm distracted.
It's the last week of "my" History of Christian Spirituality class. I want to finish well. We're currently working on group definitions and characteristics of saints.
Group stuff challenges us to find common ground. We've observed that it's not always common in the history of the church!

So what about it saints? How would you describe yourselves or others?
Any opinions out there?
I know you have them...

More later...

In the category of Dad, surgery to remove the mass in his colon has been moved up to this Friday, 101907. If you're talking to God and want to mention my Dad, I would appreciate it!!


Karla said...

i don't understand your question...do you mean, how would we describe or define the characteristics of the saints....?
or how would we, being saints, characterize ourselves?

Robin said...

the first thing that comes to mind for what I see in a saint is stern but full of amazing love.

Gracie said...

La-yes, both, actually.
Robin, stern is an interesting descriptor, but I'll chew on it. Thanks!!

Joyce said...

First to address your question... all I can think about is a play therapy analogy right now (you know where my head is-I'm supposed to be reading-instead I'm blogging)... God has made each one of us so unique but similar - we all eat (some more than others) - enjoy (all different things too many to list here) - but we all have our unique way of "being" which is where we are Spirit led... to do what it is God would have us do. Either we bend to that still small voice or we don't - but we are led if we simply seek. For me, that's the walk where God meets me -(I try not to do all the talking on our journey, nor too much whining)... but somehow He's in the business of creating Saints. In play therapy we learn toys are words and play is language... we are all God's children if we are believers... which means we are all saying something through our attempt at playing (working, blogging, etc.) I have no idea if this made any sense.... but it's what's on my heart at this moment! ...and I'll be praying for your father Friday!!

White Rabbit said...

We'll be praying for your dad!

As far as the saints go, i think they were generally self-sacrificing, Christ-centered, servants of humanity for God.

Love God, Love Others is their way of life.

cindy said...

love is the glue that holds this thing together. love for God, love for each other, love for our communities, love for those who do not yet believe, etc., etc.

saints love God. love people.