03 October 2007

day after

it's the day after my birthday
and all I can say
is that I've had a blast
being celebrated all day.

my housemate left roses
on the kitchen counter for one,
I also lunched with people
who are delightful and fun.

I had banked extra work hours
so I didn't show 'til two.
my coworkers were waiting
with candles and goodies. woohoo!

voicemail filled up with singing and well wishes
not to mention email, facebook, and other electronic vices.

I'm sad that birthday celebrations
happen but once a year,
but I wouldn't want to age more quickly,
of that I'm sincere!

i'm tired of rhyming
besides homework demands attention,
thanks to all for bearing
with this wee poetic expression!


Bonnie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN... WOOOWOOO!!!I like it when birthdays last a week or 2 b/c you get together w/ different people at different times. I think a gerat birthday usually carries through the week.
OR...we could still throw parties for... uhhhhh....well for any reason, pick a person every month to celebrate, just for being our friends. Or maybe we could just make sure we celebrate our friends and loved ones all the time and let them know how much we love and appreciate them. Well I guess I should host more things to get all this partying in! :0)

Jewels said...

What a great way to celebrate!

Karla said...

hi dear friend! happy bday again. thanks for letting us come over and swim (this year and last). i'm glad to have seen you at least on your bday WEEK!