05 February 2007

tor toy zees

So in a conversation just the other night there as Gillian asked us about childhood pets, Beth, Karla and I were speaking of dogs, mostly. Gillian says, "well, we had a few tor toy zees...but they ran away." To which Tommy said, "in a span of three weeks??" Which helped us translate her Scottish and realize she meant a tortoise, or in common English, a turtle.
We're definitely learning a whole new English language here again.

The truth is we're hanging out with and absolutely loving wee Beth. She is a miracle. She is clever. She is absolutely gorgeous. And a miracle. Born April 11 (2006)at 1 lb, 4 oz, presently weighing in at 12 lbs, 8, with no visible "defects," she is lively, engaging, alert, and ridiculously happy. She wakes up happy. She goes to bed happy. We watched the videos of her first several months and cannae believe the size of her and the color of her. She definitely fought for life. Although my previous post recorded the benefit of death, and we're definitely called to die, our bodies tend to naturally fight for life. And wee Beth proved it. It's amazing. We have an amazing God. More photos of this precious treasure later, I hope!!!

In other news, internet access is not as accessible as we might have hoped. So...these posts may be short and rather infrequent. But we're having a great time. It's been lovely weather (40's and 50's) and sunny. Absolutely brilliant!!


jordan said...

You three left us in a blizzard! I'm so glad you escaped Michigan when you did.

This wee Beth is a miracle. Yeah, God!

Jewels said...

Cute baby!!!!! How do turtles run away?

White Rabbit said...

Hi guys!!!

cindy said...

Yea God! I'm so happy to see pictures of that beautiful baby!

Gracie said...

Hi ya friends! My camera's dead so I cannae post new pictures. But soon...love you all!

MT said...

That little babe is as cute as can be and what a history.

God has created our bodies in such a way that just amazes me.

We do serve an awesome God!


Gracie said...

Hey there, thanks for stopping by!! God is awesome, certainly and wee Beth is part of his amazing miracle.
Hope all is well with you.