08 February 2007

best face forward

here's a question...can a person look better in a picture than they actually look in real life?

We certainly could attest that the reverse is true.
Some people just donnae look good on photos...not the case with weans (kids) really. they're so gorgeous. They pretty much look good even with a dirty face or a pouty mouth.
Adults, not so much. Not all the time anyway.
So here's a few photos for you to enjoy (without knowing how it took to get them to look as "good" as they do).

And just one more

top: tommy, gilly, karla and beth
next: glorious wee beth
next: Gilly's brother in law and nieces, Russell, Meghan, Kirsten
next: the girls at the garden center (aye it looks like a wee cafe coffeeshop. we're baffled too!)
finally: Steven and Vanessa and Karla looking at the photos of Karla and Keith's
"weans." "Aye," they both said, "they're gorgeous!" And we concur!!


White Rabbit said...

Alas, the kids are very excited about the new post. They loved seeing Gilly and Weee Beth, as well as their Mama, Dianna, and Beth (which is a bit confusing for them right now).

Thanks for the update and the kids say "Hiii" and "Hello".

White Rabbit said...

have a good day girls! Oh, and don't even think about what the house may look like. Just have fun.

Gracie said...

Keith, u're hilarious!! Karla filled us in on your life (a bit) last night. Sounds like u're enjoying time w/ the kids. Who wouldn't, really!