12 February 2007

February 10!!!

It's true, I'm a few days late...but I wanted to take this wee moment to wish my nephew a happy 20th birthday!!!! I cannae believe it. But I celebrate Jonathan and all God has for him. He's a great "kid" who loves Jesus and loves people and has about the most easy going personality of any person I've met.

AND, the celebration continues as Jonathan shares the day with the person I was named after, my Tante Dini (Aunt Diane). No, that said, it doesn't give anyone permission to call me Diane, because of course, my name is Diana....one of the reasons I don't like being called Diane, since you care, is because of my Aunt. Since it's HER name, I wanted a different one...yes, I realize how selfish that sounds.

She's a great lady though. And hopefully I'll see her again soon.

Happy Birthday Jonathan and Tante Dini! May God bless and keep you in this new year.

Pix #1: Jonathan and his fiance Amara in June 2006.
Pix #2: Dini and me in her house in Washington, 1103

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