20 February 2007

kettle, biscuits, and back to life

These are a few of the mainstays here in Northern Ireland. And they've become parts of life that I've really loved. Because wee Beth's condition began so fragilely, all her bottles, dummies (or as I would call them pipes, or pacifiers) and syringes had to be prepared using filtered water, boiled water, and/or a sterilization process. She's never had a cold, ear infection, or even "nappie" rash so it must be working...Anyway, as the first photo shows, tea and hot beverages are definitely a necessity.

Biscuits, on the other hand, are not what a person raised in the states would know as a biscuit. But they are fabulous. Truly. So much so that I purchased this very biscuit tin so that I can share biscuits with visitors at my very house.

I'd post the picture of how many biscuits I brought back with me, but well, um, yes, I might be too embarrassed. Perhaps a visit to my lil house would be a better way to view (and sample) some of those.

Alas, such a life can't last forever. I'm back in West Michigan. Back into the space of trying to figure out what's next.

Part of what's next means I could be available to drive friends to the airport today. (Sigh. Florida fun for them!) And I could meet some other friends to connect over lunch. God also arranged another "garage talk" with my neighbor, who interestingly, offered to pray for me for a job.
And I could play with another friend's kids...and talk a bit too late into the wee hours with their Mama which I may regret tomorrow morning.

All this AFTER doing my schoolwork, really.
I'm reading, reading, reading,
and writing, writing, writing.
What I wonder is, how did I find time to work 50+ hours a week?


John said...

biscuits are ok but i really love digestives.

Gracie said...

can't really get over the name,
but yeah, they're tasty too!