21 February 2007


When I leave town, I ask the post office to hold my mail, and usually, I wait to have it delivered until the second day I'm home. Not sure why, but that's my pattern.

So I opened nearly three weeks of mail today. Several pieces of mail were from my school. I got my grades from my intensive class. That's fun!! I got my bill for tuition for my current spring courses, not so much fun. And then I rec'd this notice regarding the job I applied for with Spring Arbor at their Grand Rapids campus:
Thank you for your interest. We'd love to interview you on the one day we have available in Grand Rapids. Please call us to schedule an appointment for Tuesday, February 20.

WHAT???????? February 20??? As in the day before today, yesterday, that February 20???
You can't be serious.
My neighbors must have heard my groans.
It seriously would have been better to receive a "thank you for applying but we're not interested" letter. Ugh.

So I called anyway. And I asked if I could still interview. And they said, well, no. We are pleased with the applicants and are in fact offering them the position today. (Them, meaning if candidate #1 says no, they'll go on to #2.)


But I couldn't let it go. So I called a few people to pray and intended to send out an "email request and blog campaign" (hence, this post).

I'm not even sure where this could or should go job wise. But much of what seemed on offer in this position seems good and hopeful, and life-giving, and practical. And well, it just seems heartbreaking to get this close but then,

So my Mom prayed with me.
I rang Lori.
Lori prayed among other things, "Lord, if this is meant to be, please make the person rethink the decision..."
I thanked her and moved along to talk with another dear prayer friend Mary. And as we talked and prayed, we prayed in that same way. "Have your way, Father, we submit to you and trust you for any outcome. But if this interview should happen, we're asking you to change the situation."

And while we were talking, my call waiting buzzed. I recognized the number from the college.

He said, "I kept thinking about this. If you can meet for an interview Friday, I'm not saying you'll get the job, but I think the least we can do is engage in an interview..."

So here's where you can join the "fun," would you please pray? Pray for God's best. For God's outcome. For this man to be blessed for listening to the prompting of the Spirit and for the best person to be selected for the position? For God's provision for all of us? And for God's glory above all? Or, I'm sorry, please forgive me for suggesting what you should pray. Please pray however you feel led.

It's quite an adventure, see. Regardless of what happens, today's turnaround lands in the miraculous category for me.

Pix #1: Cappuccino and delicious soup, Perth, Scotland.
Pix #2: Beth, Dunkeld, Scotland.


Angel said...

i felt like i should pray for you today. in fact my chem class prayed that god would provide a job for you today. i will keep praying for you.
also i think we should get together sometime.

cindy said...

i love how God will often go in an correct our wrongs. the college for dismissing your interview and rethinking...audrey for choosing another set of parents for the little man and then correcting that situation...and countless others.

it really is reassuring to know that he is always in the details. His will will happen in spite of us all. :o) that's a good reminder for me today.

and yes, i will be praying. good to have you home!

beth said...

yay! I'll be praying :) woo hoo, once more!

Gracie said...

Angel, Wow, ur whole class? That's fantastic. Thank you. Email me when would be a good time to meet.

Cindy, i know. He's good that God of ours!

Thanks, Beth. I'm jealous of your sunshine!!!

Anonymous said...

Count me in for a chat with God about your job situation. CJ just got me back on yer blog....just in time.

Gracie said...

thanks D!