06 February 2007

no power

My digital camera blinks this wee message: battery exhausted!!!!
so I cannae post a new picture.

We're actually visiting some "old" friends, Stevie and Vanessa (see the new link called UK allstars, or something, i cannae mind, on my friend's interesting links) whom we met when they visited New Hampshire ten years ago. They have three kids, born within 11 months (not triplets). It's amazing to share stories of kids born prematurely, kids who had a brain bleed and subsequently have cp, and ultimately the miracle of God's healing and His presence along the way.

It's good, yet bittersweet, to swap the stories. We long for the complete healing God offers. In the meantime, these friends in Scotland, and our dear friends Keith and Karla in Michigan, join their voices and hearts asking God to provide the best life for their precious kids. We walk together in the journey. And it's a privilege.

Pressing in as we go...


cindy said...

i see you have your "accent" back. i can hear it as i read. sounds like you are having a wonderful time, friend.

White Rabbit said...

Requesting pics. Need to work out technical issues.

We went sledding today. It was fun. The boys ducked out after seven minutes, but our little girl kept going strong. i think the boys need gloves that fit more tightly.

We all miss you guys and have been praying for you to be safe and have fun!

White Rabbit said...

Z has started addressing S as "mama" and she says, "yes honey?" Your absence may be causing long-term psycological damage.

Otherwise, everything is good.

We miss you and hope you're having a good time!