14 February 2007

crowded loneliness

the imagery of this terminology allows for contemplation and interesting conversations. That is, if the lonely ever interact with the crowd.

Mostly this has been my experience as I sit in a foreign country doing homework. Normally it wouldn't be lonely, because I'm quick to strike up conversations with those around me. But for the sake of attending to school and trying to get back to other more vacationy activities, I've been forced into an introverted stance. Yuck. I'm like a rubber band stretched nearly to snapping. Or perhaps, like a gasping fish just outside the water. (Too dramatic?)

Last night Gilly, Tommy and I were praying about loneliness in a wee boy we know and love. It was a sense that surfaced while we were praying. "Lord, please remove the loneliness from our wee pal."

It's one thing to joke about my extroversion in a place where I must exercise discipline to accomplish a task. It's quite another to consider this precious wee soul and imagine his cries in the night.

Abba, thank you that you are a friend to the fatherless and the one who comforts the poor in spirit. Help us to be like you.

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