03 March 2008

More to life!

You know that sound a balloon makes as it spits out it's remaining air?
That's what I feel like.

That, after spending a week studying Sabbath for my class which included inhaling a most fabulous book titled Sabbath, by Wayne Muller. But notice I say inhaled.
After each chapter we were challenged to engage in these wonderful Sabbath practices which I laughed at thinking maybe I'll practice those in the summer. There is no time to practice Sabbath right now!

That, after utilizing a sick day after I realized I was still sick so why brag that I don't take sick days? (okay that's misleading. I only realized it b/c my friend lasered in on that reality by saying that's it's all fine for me to boast that I've only taken one sick day in my working life, but if I'm still sick the next day, is it really a gain or even something worth bragging about?)

That, after a great weekend that really did allow moments of rest and catching my breath, despite feeling busy.

There is more to life than this. Like Celebrations!!!

Like my friend Cathy. It's her birthday today.
Happy Birthday lady! We celebrate you.

and it's a good friend's son's birthday today, too (is that the right punctuation??). So Happy Birthday Kyle!
You also are a gift from God!


Sabrina said...

Sabbath rest is my favorite kind of rest.

Jewels said...

Glad you're feeling better - missed you at church!