25 March 2008

Faraway fargo fun

Fun springs up wherever you make it.
And despite all the jokes about Fargo,
I like the city--especially being there with my family.

Thus I offer just a few photos of our time there over the weekend...
because we had fun.

We painted eggs.
We made nests.
We created an indoor easter egg hunt extravaganza.
(unfortunately, I didn't capture all of these great moments.)

We also laughed, played cards, sang,
played violins (at least a couple of us did),
celebrated Jesus resurrection,
watched a few movies, endured hours of scooby doo,
participated in a fierce snowball fight, went sledding,
hung curtains, hung pictures, assembled a stool
(well, some of us participated in that, mostly Barkley),
hung out with the neighbors, visited the mall...
among other things.

I just really really really wish it were a few hours closer.
That's all I'm saying!

Oh and we saw some interesting things on the road, too.
One of them being this billboard. Hopefully, despite the distance, you can
recognize the billboard base. Pretty crazy.


Lori said...

no picture of Barkley?? Be brave!

Jewels said...

What is the billboard base? And where is Barkley? Ah, a topic for another blogging day!

Sabrina said...

Did you drive through Minnea-SOH-taaa???(i was trying to sound scandinavian there!) :)

Happy Belated Easter!