10 March 2008


In August 2006, as I was considering starting a master's degree program, my sister Hildred and I went shopping for a Macbook. Hangin' with my sister at the Apple store in downtown Chicago AND buying my lil computer stacks up as a great memory.
It only seems fitting, then, that I should witness her receiving a new computer, a brand spankin' new Macbook to be exact.
And so here we were, sharing another significant moment in our lives. :-)
This is not overrated, people.

She's got the latest MacOS, the Ilife photo software, the latest and greatest. Sigh!
I'm all shades of happy for her (if not a slight shade of j).

Happy computing sis!!


hildred said...

thanks, sweetie. the best part of the weekend, though, was being with you!!! thanks for sharing in my joy ... my love to you :)

Gracie said...

Awww. I just knew I liked u. From the minute I met you... :-)
Hope u're feeling bettah!!