28 March 2008

right but not necessarily wise

In the category of learning, opportunities abound. I decided to voice an opinion about something that didn't seem quite just, or "hospitable," as I put in my email.

So here's the thing, my position was right, but at the end of the day, communicating about it and identifying it via email lead to some hurt feelings and a strained relationship.

How do we make wise decisions in our correspondence? You'll have to take my word in this case that I labored over my word choice. I knew that the communication alone might ruffle some feathers so I was committed to use respectful language. At the end of the day, my boss suggested the words could have been "softer." With that assessment, I'm not sure I even get an "A" for effort. Perhaps it comes down to motivation. A friend of mine reminds me often when discerning action in a situation to ask myself "what do I want?" And then attempt to communicate accordingly. That may sound rather selfish, but for me it often brings me back to the motivation that I want Jesus Christ to be glorified. Sometimes then it diffuses my reactions entirely because it gives me pause enough to set down my righteous indignation, or overcome the perceived slight, or overlook my puffing pride, or even abandon words in the trust that God is my defender and judge.

It sounds easier than it is. I often sit in the tension of those worlds--deciding whether or not to speak, advocate, or rest.

So, I may have made the wrong choice again. But I'm certainly learning.
"Lord, thank you for beginning a work in me and your promise to carry it out until completion. Have mercy, Lord!"

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