26 February 2008

Operation Seattle Surprise #2

Yesterday marked the anniversary of my Mom's birth! Happy Birthday Mom! It goes without saying that I owe my life to her! :-) (Hmm, seriously, why do we use the phrase "it goes without saying" and then say whatever it is that we don't need to say? Perhaps a different post. Let's get back to Mom!)

Here's the thing, remember how I surprised my parents and went home for Christmas? Well, my sister Hildred surprised my parents by going home for Mom's birthday. Both of these surprises relied heavily on our sister Jenni's involvement (pictured here with my Mom). We couldn't have done it without her. Turns out she is quite the schemer. And conniver. And a master at what was the word, ah yes, subterfuge.
Surprise #2 led to the whole "when will you stop trusting us?" conversation again.

Mom's reply: priceless.

"I've decided that I don't want to stop trusting you girls," she said.
"I like surprises.
If I begin suspecting things,
and then it doesn't turn out to be a surprise,
I'll be disappointed."

And since we love surprising her (and my Dad),
her attitude really is a win-win for all!
(Thanks Mom!)

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Jewels said...

Fun times Gracie! Hope your mom had a good one.