19 March 2008

nothing like a good routine

I'm headed to Fargo.
It's where I get to go. For Easter and for Thanksgiving.
My sister and I get there one way or another.
As some of you know, we've gotten "stuck" there because sometimes winter hits Fargo sooner than other places in the world.
We've had several planes, trains, and automobile stories.

This time we're driving.
Which means we'll laugh ourselves silly at moments when we think we're the funniest people in the world. (And we don't care that we're not.)

And we'll share a few days with our sister, bro-in-law, and our nieces and whoever else might make the mix.
It's a huge privilege to be with family.

It's one of my favorite routines.

So blessed Easter weekend, all. May the peace of Christ be yours in abundance, wherever you are!

1 comment:

Jewels said...

We'll miss you at church tonight! But so great you get to see the fam.