08 February 2008

The same, but not

After our J-term experience in California, and then having most of the rest of January "free" from class, we're back into our regular school routine. We read, we write, we post, we comment on other's posts, we retreat, we listen, we read some more, we practice, and then we read again. It's the same as a year ago.
Except it's so not the same.

For those of us more familiar with traditional classrooms, it may be difficult to imagine the benefits and challenges of online education. Here's what I've experienced after one year:
-open and honest expression as we learn more about being transformed ito the likeness of Jesus Christ and identify how we do not measure up
-sibling-like ribbing as we've learned each other's passions and the buttons to push
-deep compassion and concern as we journey through some difficult and challenging spaces together
-rich laughter and free-flowing grace in the midst of it all
-global challenges and perspectives from those living in the UK, Africa, and Central America to move beyond a Westernized Christianity point of view
-healing and hope to enter whatever the next phase may be

These classmates of mine, these fellow journey women and men, are not only coming to know the heart of me, they're loving me into who Jesus is calling me to be.
It's an incredible journey, this call to community,
and in this particular expression, to online learning.
It's not what I expected, perhaps,
but I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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