04 February 2008


Way back when in my former life, in what I called my "homeless" season, I lived with these great friends who own an ice cream store. They taught me the weather channel. It was the most watched channel in their home. Especially in the ice cream season. But not exclusively. Because they were also avid snowmobilers. And so even though I no longer lived with them in the winter, we were still friends and when I hung out at their home, inevitably, the weather channel became part of the vision of the time there.

So I've been thinking about how very happy they must be, what with the relentless snow we've been receiving. In contrast, on a non-snowing day, which is rather rare of late, I so happily get the salt and snow removed from my little car, only to receive another salt coating the next day and wonder if it even makes a difference.

On the other hand, it is nothing short of fairy tale beauty. (Seriously, I'm comparing God's incredible creation to a fairy tale scene?) It's beyond picturesque the way the snow elegantly drapes the various trees. And so, despite longing for sunshine, and moments of despairing, "will spring ever come again?", this has been the winter of glorious snowy days.

Thank you Lord.

Oh, and for those of u praying and wondering about Angela, I'll update specifically, soon. She's doing as well as she can for all the breaks in her body. so we Thank God for that. But please keep praying for her recovery and continued healing.

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