06 February 2008

Why not?

Every once in a while, my coworkers and I need to escape the office and sit in a coffee shop. It's what we do.
Today was one of those days.
People who know me, know that I like drinking water out of glass glasses. It's scary since I break things, but it's what I prefer. I'm not a plastic girl. (Hmmm, i hope that is a metaphor for my life, too.)
Correspondingly, it's probably not surprising to know that I like drinking coffee out of "real" or ceramic mugs. So I requested a mug at this local coffee shop we like to frequent.
The workers at the counter looked at each other and sadly shook their heads.
"oh, you like to throw away everything here?" I said, with more than a subtle judgment implied, not that I live differently, I confess.
They respond, "yes, we hate the environment here."
"Would now be a good time to tell you I'm a reporter from the Press," I asked, "covering a story on ways to go green?"

Their expressions of dismay?

It was torturous to reveal I was joking.

But seriously, why not have ceramic cups? I don't get it!


Sabrina said...

I love it Diana!!! You are the best! Do you know that you got me "hooked" on water? I remember meeting you and you were water addicted! Up until that point i never drank water... now i don't really drink anything else!
Diana: Saving the world of dehydration (and paper waste) one cup at a time!

Dan said...

Because 1)then someone would have to wash said ceramic cup, wasting time and energy that would have been better spent taking out the trash or dusting something or hanging out; 2)ceramic cups would take up shelf space that is instead dedicated to "product"; 3)washing ceramic cups wastes water and soap, and is thus actually worse for the environment. +++(please note heavy use of sarcasm in post)+++

cindy said...

that is SO something i would do, my friend!

White Rabbit said...

i love the quick thinking Diana! How clever.

Jewels said...

Gracie- I could HEAR you saying that! :) Good one.

Gracie said...

S-Hooray for water! Hooked on water and water addicted. That's about right. My Mom was recently told she drinks too much water. Is that even possible? That would devastate me!

D-Sarcasm appropriate! So how do we make a difference??

C-I just miss you friend! That's all I'm saying.

K-thanks. Every once in while clever finds me.