10 February 2008


This image demanded a photo and a blog post. Is this a serious campaign? Not that I necessarily endorse all the hype about Valentines Day anyway. But Valentines Day dinner at White Castle? I'm hoping this was just a clever joke.

In other news, one of my nephews, Jonathan (pictured here with his lovely bride Amara), turned 21 today. My other nephew, his brother Pedro is 27. How does that happen when I'm just 30 myself? :-)
I'm excited to see where God leads both of my nephews.
They are great guys who love Jesus,
love their wives,
and are open to what God wants to do in them and through them.
Praise the Lord!!


Jewels said...

It wouldn't be a bad way to "celebrate" but I doubt if you would need reservations.

Sabrina said...

No Joke! They do that here in MN and it's a BIG DEAL! It's packed and booked solid! People are strange...people also love their White Castle.

Gracie said...

Julia, according to Sabrina that may not be the case. Although b4 reading Sabrina I would have totally agreed with your reservation comment. Go figure!
Thanks Sabrina. People are strange. I"m one of them (altho' I don't get the White Castle appreciation so much)!

Jewels said...

They must pay them for eating there on V-day.

joyful said...

Hey, little sister! If you're only 30 - that makes me only - I dunno - 34? (Tried to give mom a breather between daughters...). When are you coming for another visit? I really appreciate you celebrating Jonathan and Pedro - they are great kids and have wonderful families!

Anonymous said...

30 huh?