18 February 2008


This is an exercise of discipline...for any living in Michigan, you probably know my motivation.

Snow mesmerizes me.
Watching its gentle descent as the individual flakes meld together in one shimmering blanket captures my attention until seconds melt into minutes and the time passes as effortlessly as the snow dissolves.

It's not always gentle.
The sideways assault of blowing snow also bears mentioning. As the wind whips it around like miniature tornadoes and sometimes seems to slam it over roadways and through treetops, I marvel at the power of what seems to be innocent powder.

And then there's the draping. Have I mentioned the elegant covering that fills the nooks of bare tree branches and carefully coats the evergreen boughs? It sneaks into the window sills and cracks on garage doors. It piles upon rooftops, fences, and the abandoned patio furniture that some neglected to harbor indoors.

For those living close to Lake Michigan, I expect that the view of icy waves suspended in a frozen frame revealing their intent to turn over and crash into the shore is as glorious as in previous years.

Outside of the view of snow on mountains, there is nothing so glorious.

We've been blessed.
Week after week a day or two of school has been cancelled.
Kids can stay home.

The winter sights signal a marvelous creator.

Thank you Lord, for snow-filled splendor to disguise what otherwise may appear to be deadened, barren moments. You are good.


Jewels said...

Gracie - What a beautiful description of the snow - I love how it covers our otherwise deadened, barren moments! Awesome.

Betty said...

Diana, I soooo miss your Michigan winter. I love the snow, the cold, the wonder of sideways snow, and gently falling flakes, and the quiet muffled blanket their covering makes when I walk(ed) outside in it.

Alas, I am stuck with sunshine and beaches and palm trees and sand and the Gulf of Mexico. I think I'll go for a walk....

Gracie said...

Thanks, Julia!

Betty, i was happy to see you here, until the last line. I'm trying to be happy about the snow, you see. Not longing for a walk on the beach. Sigh! Please enjoy it for me! :-) Miss you!

Sabrina said...

Diana you are such a positive person you could make leprosy sound glamorous!!! :)
I don't neccesarily share your love of the snow... but I do appreciate its calming beauty at times. Although at this moment i think I'd rather be back in San Antonio! Brrrrr!!!!

Jewels said...

Diana- Here's something to take your mind off the snow - you've been tagged...look here: