25 January 2008


One of the instructor's from our Master's in Counseling program became the victim of a horrible accident in the snowy, icy weather here in Michigan. The severity of her injuries sobers me, even though things could have been so much worse.

Here are the words of her husband describing the accident:

She was involved in a horrendous head-on collision on M57 on Tuesday morning. Another driver attempted to pass a long line of slower traffic (who were wisely traveling slower due to the weather conditions). He hit her apparently while she was attempting to brake, as most of the damage was sustained on her right leg. She had five surgeries, lasting seven hours, on Tuesday: rebuilding the leg above her right kneecap (which was also shattered in the accident and was removed); stabilizing her right ankle (which was also shattered and will be operated on in the next two weeks); placing a rod through her upper left leg, which was broken in two places; placing screws in plates in her broken left ankle; and placing rods along the two broken bones in her left arm. Yesterday we learned that her right hand is broken in at least four places, but a cast should fix most of that damage. She also has a neck brace due to at least one fracture in her neck (although it is not impacting her spinal cord). No vital organs were damaged thanks to the deployed airbags (I am grateful that my wife has better taste in cars than I do). She has been alert prior to and after her surgeries. She is scheduled to have some more surgery today to clean out the two most serious injuries. She is expected to be her at least 10 days and then will be moved to a sub-acute care facility. She will not be able to use her limbs for up to six weeks and will not be able to stand for at least three months. Even though her body is shattered in many places, I am aware it could have been much worse. Given the nature of her injuries, she has required constant attention above and beyond the excellent care she has received from the staff here at Spectrum Downtown. Even the most simple needs of life - like blowing her nose and scratching an itch - has required someone else's assistance.

I wondered about how many times I've been impatient and peered around other cars in order to pass. The reality of crashing in to another car, for the sake of gaining a few minutes on the road seems so trivial. The need for speed, or to be in a hurry doesn't compare to the severity of this type of accident. Have mercy Lord.

And please, know that ur prayers would be gladly received on behalf of Angela and Brian, too. Thanks.


Sabrina said...

Oh that is so sad! I will be in prayer for your friend!

hildred said...

praying with you ...

Sabrina said...

I had a dream last night that i found a valentine's card that said "gracie" and i said, Oh i have to get this for diana!! but then i thought, i hope no one else gets mad if i only get a valentines for her... :)