08 January 2008

virtual community

These are some of my new friends. I've remembered that when I looked into this master's program, I wondered how an online program in spiritual formation could really work. One of the things I appreciated was the hybrid aspect--we meet face to face once a year (hence this time in CA), we meet with a spiritual director, we must plan and engage in three retreats a year, etc.
And here's what i'm concluding: God wants us to grow in community. He loves when we participate actively in our spiritual formation. He is not bound or confined by technology. And so He is blessing this program like crazy.
I couldn't wait to see my classmates (some who I didn't meet last year). And they are blessing me beyond measure. (It is a challenge to measure spiritual formation afterall.)
And I can't imagine it any other way.

In other less positive news, my computer crashed today. This was after I talked with one of my classmates yesterday about computers. She mentioned she was interested in a Macbook. I raved about mine. And said something like, "oh, and, Macs don't crash. You don't get those nasty bluescreen errors."
And you don't. You get a folder with a blinking question mark screen.
It's nightmarish.
And so I'm packing my trusty sidekick and sending it to Apple's fabulous techies...hoping they can rescue my 7000+ photos among other things. And praising God that I don't start my regular routine of classes again until February 4.
And thanking God for Hildred's advice to get Applecare!! :-)


Jewels said...

So sorry to hear about your mac. Glad you're enjoying time withyour classmates though. Good to hear from ya!

beth said...

i miss you!!!!

hildred said...

sorry about your 'puter! thank GOD for Applecare though ... i had to use it twice too.

on the other hand, so glad you were blessed by your time in CA - what a fantastic work God does when we are the church!