21 January 2008

Justice and the Kingdom of God

I'm grateful for the day off today, but I wonder if I really "get" the sacrifice made to experience such a holiday. I'm far from an expert on Martin Luther King, Jr, but I do know his heart and passion proved an invaluable voice for the future of the world, especially for people of color, but additionally, for all of us.

At class with Dallas Willard a week or so ago, he talked to us repeatedly, patiently, constantly, lovingly, about the kingdom of God. He challenged, encouraged, and admonished us to live the Kingdom of God now which includes and demands justice and mercy. I can't adequately offer his heart or his words to you, but I'll offer a few quotes.

"The Kingdom of God is the heart of everything."
"Racial discrimination is not a racial issue [it's a spiritual one]. If we approach it [as purely a racial issue] we won't solve it. We must approach it through the love and power of Jesus Christ."

We must realize we'll never
"do justice
to justice
with justice.
We must overcome with love

"Become a disciple of Jesus because you think so highly of him. You can't imagine doing anything else.
Preach Jesus!!! Put in a good word for Him

Our main task is to "help people see Jesus.
Make Jesus plain--ravishing people with the kingdom of God

Today is more than a non-work day for me. It's a day to ask, what am I willing to sacrifice for the good of all? What ways can I make the kingdom of God evident, and Jesus visible, for all people?
How am I growing more as a disciple of Jesus Christ?

and, I expect, these questions will demand more examination and consideration than this one very day. On the journey...

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