15 January 2008


I'm back home!! Hooray! But, I'm Mac-less.
U pc owners may groan, but it's not a status I enjoy.
One should not be without their Mac.

That said, it really couldn't have happened at a better time.
I can finish up my papers (er, start) on my work computer.
There is plenty of time for Apple to fix, repair and/or replace my lil Mac.
And, well, I've picked up some additional hours per week at work, so I need to get into a new routine. Of working more. (Who has time to work more?)
So I don't have much time for my computer.
But my budget is rejoicing (or I'm rejoicing, whatever).

It's good news.
Unfortunately, there's some not as good news.
It's 99% likely they won't recover my photos.
I'm every shade of sad.

Which will also affect the look of this blog for a wee while...

But let's stay in the rejoicing mode as there is MUCH to be thankful for!


Robin said...

Three Words - External Hard Drive

Gracie said...

You ARE part of the geek squad. :-) Thanks. I know. I knew better!!

Jewels said...

Yes, I am in LOVE with my external hard drive, but at least I'm not in the Mac cult :)

I'm so sad about your pictures! :(

cindy said...

i echo robin's three words and add a few more...back up weekly. i'm so paranoid about losing pictures, that i back up the back up and store them in our safety deposit box. :o)

Anonymous said...

External Hard drive??? Really all you need is the pics of me so who cares?????
Jack (wntl?)