24 January 2008

record time

It's back. My mac is safely home.
The timing was amazing. Bear with me as I brag.

I received a box (all cushy and protective packaging) last week when I was out of town.
Monday I called for it to be picked up.
Tuesday AM I received an email saying it had been received (in Tennessee) along with a link to check the status.
I checked the status Tuesday afternoon and it was already on the way back home.
My doorbell rang at 8:45a Wednesday ad I signed for my box.

I expect u might agree that they provided some excellent service.


The above photo? One of the lovely flowers I gazed on in CA two weeks ago. Sigh!


Sabrina said...

oh, what a pretty flower... i am aching for spring!

Gracie said...

I hear u my sistah! Although, there is sooo much beauty in the quiet and snow of winter.