19 January 2008


So after being on the west coast for three+ weeks, the adjustment to "my" time zone and regular life routines challenged my sleeping and waking rhythms. I enjoyed my time in Seattle with family. I enjoyed my class (and classmates) in California.
But I missed things here, at home. Despite the 70 degree California temperatures, and the certainty of winter waiting in Michigan, I wanted home.
As u may recall, I surprised my parents coming home for Christmas. I like surprises. Part of my return to life in Michigan included a surprise. My friend Cathy offered to pick me up from the airport. But when I arrived I was greeted by not one, not two, but three lovely friends. And later that day I hung out with another friend for the rest of the day taking in the sites of Grand Rapids.
Later in the week, friends Beth and Rachel came for dinner. Being with them provokes the types of conversation that find one talking late into the night. I love those! [Although, part of the time we talked about how I ruined the vegetables for dinner. How does one ruin vegetables you might wonder? Well...I guess that's just another story. Needless to say, my vegy's would not have made it on our friend Sabrina's blog (she often displays the latest and greatest culinary works she's created or she enjoys), except perhaps in a "things to avoid when hosting dinner guests" log.]

And currently, I'm hanging out with some other friends...just for a spell up in sunny, sparkling, frozen wonderland Branch, Michigan. Good food, laughter, intentional and frivolous conversations, and the overall blessing of community makes me realize why it's a privilege to call Michigan home! What better way to "re-enter" life than in the company of friends?


Sabrina said...

Oh! Aren't friends wonderful! Rachel said she had a great time and that dinner was wonderful! No mention of veggies what so ever! It happens... really it does and when it does, i've learn to just laugh and extend grace to myself and my culinary disastors! :)

Gracie said...

Yes. Amen to God's gift in friendship and community.
As to the vegetables, seriously, Rachel was only being nice. B/c they were a nightmare, of the worst kind. But it's okay. I'm nearly over it :-)
Yes, I need grace in everything!!