29 May 2007


i'm back, mostly!!
here's just a few things from the last two weeks:

-my dad's first smore ever (HOW is that possible?)

-putting up a bathroom cupboard/cabinet that I've had
in a closet for 5 years

(go go gadget Mom and Dad!!)

-hanging out with kids

-gorgeous flowers from dinner one night

-in the midst of my parents being here,
my college friend's donna and ethan

and their three kids
camped in on memorial day, too! full house!!

-all good things must come to an end.


Jewels said...

Your Mom & Dad look so sweet together!

Gracie said...

they are sweet. i like them a ton!

SeaSaw Mom said...

First s'more ever?!? You're kidding!
I love the gadget line - it's SO something I would write! :)
Missing you...