07 May 2007


Perhaps it's the experience as a child that makes a pastor seem larger than life. Maybe it relates to reverence and awe associated with the position. Or, honestly, perhaps it's the idea that anyone who can offer a "long prayer" must be a holy person? No matter how much I try to shake it off, I confess, my experience and perspective wants to place pastors (people in general sometimes?) in a certain box.

Our friend Keith is about as approachable a person as you could ever meet. He's quick to laugh, and quick to offer you a cup of coffee.
He loves to provoke an argument but is not lacking in sensitivity to the unspoken cues of the quietest person in the room.
He loves learning and graciously inquires about things I may be reading in my spiritual formation classes. He's concerned about the motivation of the heart more so than the simply the tradition of the past. His passion for certain subjects causes those recognizable signs of increased volume and emphasis of speech. It's often those moments of intensity and the things that he is most passionate about that one is drawn to. In all of that, something about him is "easy" to be around.

Yesterday "his" church was packed to capacity for people to participate and experience his installation. It was completely captivating. And although I observed my same friend, the atmosphere was different.
I don't really know how to describe it, except to use another friend's terminology. This position allows Keith the freedom to flourish in his identity as a child of God.

It extends his role as husband and Father. The challenges will likely impact every part of his life and perhaps even rock his identity at moments. It won't be an easy journey. But it's one that I'm eager to experience, observe and support. I so sensed God's hand and pleasure in this passage.

And still life marches along. One can't really remain in the moment, even if we want to relish it.
Last week we observed the trillium at their peak.
Today, they fade. But their fading provokes more color, it seems. It's marvelous.

I really can't tell God enough,
"you do such a great job, Father!!
Thanks for the brilliant display of beauty!"


White Rabbit said...

Thanks for your encouraging words and for coming all that way to be part of the celebration!

cindy said...

Congrats to the Foisy family! Praying that God will guide you in teh transition and do a mighty work through you. Praying you see the fruit in the midst of challenge while growing closer to our loving God in the process!

SeaSaw Mom said...

How eerie, Gracie! I have goosebumps right now. You will not believe that I have heard many good things of your friend, Keith already, for he was installed on Sunday at my sister-in-law's church! I simply cannot believe it. I am praying for Evergreen and the Foisys and the congregation. May it grow and be blessed by the new additions!