09 May 2007


It's not a good thing to compare people. But I had my job evaluation today.

My new "boss" is good.
I experienced such freedom in the interview process when he said,
"Diana, this may not be the job for you. And that's okay.
If you decide not to take this position, we will not think less of you.
We'll recommend you for other positions within our organization.
You need to do what you feel God tells you to do."

Seriously, that completely released me from fears or concerns relative to my possible relationship with this organization I now work for. I felt free.

And likewise, in my evaluation today, he was kind and informative and helpful.

But, I missed my old boss.
It's not fair to compare. I know.

Isn't it so fabulous to be able to give testimony to great "supervisors?" Many are the stories of folks who have complained about their bosses and longed for someone else to give leadership to them.

I've been blessed.

Thank you Lord.

Picture above: a pretty funky wild flower, I think, or something, called a ginger root.


Jewels said...

I've been blessed with an awesome one, too, Diana!

jordan said...

I, too, was blessed with supervisors over the past several years who offered space and environments in which to flourish. I miss those relationships, one of which was working under/along side our Gracie! It was good. --sigh--

Gracie said...

Awww. Thanks Jordan!! Maybe I can work "for" you next time around? :-)

Robin said...

I have had two amazing "bosses" in my life in the last 5 years. I learned from both of them and was blessed to be able to work for them. I miss them too. I am not sure I will ever work for someone like them again - especially the last boss.