02 May 2007

oriented + b-day bonanza day 4

I am oriented.
Who gets to say that, really? I do, actually, because I attended orientation for my job today. I learned things that will really assist me.
I wonder, though, if one doesn't realize they're disoriented until they receive an orientation like this one?
Or perhaps the question is, what am I now oriented to?? Does that require disorientation from something else?

Anyway, it was a good day and I was eager to clock the 110 miles back home. That is, until I reached this side of Lansing.
You know those moments when you're driving down the highway and you see this shell or mold of a tire along the side of the road and realize a big-ol truck left the majority of the rubber of the tire there for all to see?
Well, imagine this, to a much smaller degree, on the side of the road beside my lil car. I completely blew out the tire. No small leak slowly getting flat kind of work. It was an all out destruction.
That said, I was both amazed and dismayed at the status of my tire--and hoping I didn't wreck my wheel as I pulled oh-not-so-gently to the side of the road.
I wondered if I had a jack anywhere.
I wondered if I had a spare tire.
I remembered that not even two weeks ago my friend Sandie and I were discussing flat tires and whether or not we had changed them.
I remembered my Dad changing a flat once in my high school days.
I recalled pulling over on the way to my grandma's house, whilst in college, and the very next car pulling over beside me to help me change that tire.
And then tonight, Bonnie reminded me that my Escort had a slow leak leading to a flat tire. She graciously let me borrow HER car so I could go see my family.
That tire episode actually occurred in Beth's driveway and involved a crew of people, including our friend Richard, heading to Meijer, getting a tire tool, and well, 'twas a memorable night.

So, tonight, as I discovered the handy jack and donut spare, I was already planning my victorious accomplishment speech. I placed the jack in the space of my car that was reinforced to handle that apparatus. (The arrow designation really helped guide me to place it successfully.)
I began the process of raising the car.
And then, a car pulled over. A nice guy jumped out and together (okay, it was mostly him), we changed my tire.
It took like no more than ten minutes after he arrived.
And it was the nicest thing.
Is it ungrateful to confess I kinda wanted to do it myself??

In much more exciting news, it's another celebration day!!

Happy Birthday La!! The pictures were part of our party the other night. Her kids loved the cake. (As we all did. Thanks again, Beth.)

We know there's tons happening in your life, birthday girl.
Know that God wants the best for you and wants all of you for His glory, too.
May you be drawn into his presence constantly in this new year.

Happy, happy birthday!!


White Rabbit said...

happy birthday girl.

La said...

thanks diana.