15 May 2007

soccer, trampolines, and summer like fun

Words escape me. (I know that's a shock.) Not to talk about the weather, but, it's been fabulous.
Flowers like these luscious lilacs are some of my favorites.

These sweet bleeding hearts (I think) are already proudly displaying their dainty beauty.

Even these blue flowers (not sure their name although they resemble the virginia bluebell wildflower) catch the best of the day's light.

But mostly, I can't describe things adequately.

Or really even capture them with my camera.

I visited my dear friend Teresa this weekend.

We were roommates in college, and after college.

Her life regularly includes soccer saturdays, trampoline safety, etc.

It's a busy and active life with four kids. Still, i love the opportunity to participate in their activity.

One of the great things about Teresa's life is that most of her family lives very near her.

So both sets of grandparents, and most of her siblings and their kids can interact with much regularity.

Like at work, and at soccer saturdays, and at school.

For some, that may be too much family. And I don't know where I'd land. I sometimes envy it, and other times appreciate the way family ties grow and mature despite distance.

But it does provide a fantastic base of support and care. One of Teresa's sisters is her best friend.
And their kids, cousins, are growing up to be friends, too.

Although busy, there's a sweetness and simplicity to this life that I love to engage in every once in a while!

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