03 January 2007

panic and provision

In a seemingly random and innocent move, a friend was "playing" on my mac on new year's eve and accidentally opened a word document on my desktop. upon closer observation, it was the requirements for my first class for my master's degree, the class which starts next week.

I didn't consume all the information, but a warning flashed in my very mind. The warning of "don't procrastinate about this!!
Investigate all you need to know before it's too late." (Pretty detailed warning, I know.)

So, in my first unemployed status action yesterday, I reopened the document to discover that I'm expected to thoroughly read five books by Sunday, submit three book reviews/reports, and be prepared to write two additional more extensive reports upon the completion of next week's intensive seminar.

PANIC ensued--like intense and major fluttering of my heart, soul, spirit, and hands actually!! Aaaiiieeee... (or insert your personalized panic noise should you have one).

Thus, I went right to it. Which means, I quickly checked email a minute. (I'm an ESFP afterall.) And that's where the ambush of God's provision hit me. One awaiting email was notification of a gift certificate for Amazon. With that gift certificate, I ordered the aforementioned books, save for one which I already owned, and one which Amazon doesn't carry. This may not seem entirely signficant, in that it wasn't hundreds or thousands of dollars for these books. But, it was an unexpected provision. And as we all trust God for our daily bread, it seemed like manna falling from the sky.

Panic prevented.
At least for a few minutes!!

Thanks again Abba!!

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