23 January 2007

category of "embarassing myself..."

Truth be told, as most people who know me could attest, this title could be a regular feature of the gracie blog. So here are some of the latest entries...

In my ever-too-extroverted way, I made what should have been an innocent comment to someone at our winter retreat this weekend, only to realize that I was not just pointing out a fuzzy in hair. It was dandruff that I blasted the spotlight on. And it was embarassing. To all of us. I'm soooo sorry. (As always, it's appropriate to think before speaking. duh!)

In my enthusiasm to get to Ireland, because I'm heading there with two of my favorite friends NEXT very week, I was on the phone with the airline to make sure our seats are together. As I so helpfully articulated the confirmation number, it took a few seconds before I realized I said, "F as in Frank, R as in Roger, and X as in Zebra." Zebra? er, uh, rather, Xylophone. Jeepers, it looks even more ridiculous in print. And it sounded pretty ridiculous. Beth may still be laughing...not to mention the airline help person.

And then today, on a quick walk around a store with Karla, we were mocking and actually being a bit disgusted about some t-shirts slogans and sayings. Nevertheless, I found one I tho't was kinda cute. Until I realized these stick figures were not so very cute. They were suggesting a 3 some. Eeew. (Thank you oh wise Karla for informing my ignorance.)

In other news, it's my brother in laws birthdays today (not even slightly sure how hyphen and apostrophe action should happen there. Help! Mom). Both Rich and Lito. And to top all of that off, my nephew Pedro is in town...so this picture is in honor of Lito and his sons, the Monillas boys!
On top of that I'll also say, Happy Birthday Rich and Lito!!! I celebrate you on this very day!

Finally, I start my next class tomorrow. Hooray!!!
And I'm going to Ireland next week.
Oh right,
Mentioned that already.

Pix credit: Rich above, Hildred, 0406, and Monillas boys, also Hildred, 0803.


Jewels said...

You always get those great travelling jobs - I wish I was a Musician ;)

karen said...

I believe it would be "brothers-in-law's."

Have fun in Ireland!

Gracie said...

okay, julia, i'm confused. nothing new perhaps, but what do you mean traveling jobs, musician???

thanks, Karen. Would it be plural on top of that, tho, too? "brother-in-laws'? or does the inside apostrophe take care of that???

Jewels said...

Don't you remeber Sunday - you ARE a musician. And your old job required so much travel, now your new one does, get it?

I think it's brothers-in-law's, too.

boxediinstant-ordering@yahoo.com said...

um, so i'm not sure how proud i should be about being wise about a shirt that was suggesting a three-some.
hmmm. probably not so much.


Gracie said...

ah, thanks Julia.
And Karla, well, perhaps it's just good to be wise to some things of the world???

karen said...

The S at the end of "brothers" would be the pluralization part. You pluralize the important part of the wort. So if you were talking about them both, you'd say, "These are my brothers-in-law." But then if you want to make it posessive, you add the 's. Just like, "Diana's." So..."brothers-in-law's."

Gracie said...

Ah, yes, Karen. u'd make a fine teacher. Muchas gracias!