02 January 2007


it's the first official work day of 2007...and I'm not working.
instead I got to hang out with great friends (from what feels like a former life)
and reconnect with the activities and passions of their hearts.
I'm so glad for that opportunity.

still, i'm missing my work friends already.
so, the picture above shows you two of my favorites, denise and marjo.

I love you guys!!


jordan said...

I love you Gracie!

cindy said...

Hi Denise and Marjo!! Miss you guys...

Willis said...

I, too, miss all of you. Yesterday, my first day of not going in to the office, was filled with rest and peace even if it did feel peculiar. But today my spirit is restless ... no doubt indicating that there is a whole season of "taking leave" that still lies ahead.

Gracie said...

Thanks, Jordan.
Wait, Cindy, u don't miss me??? :-)
G'day, Bill. "Taking leave," hmm, good description.