16 January 2007

i hate it when i miss a party!

Late last week, three of my favorite three-year olds, (well, at the time, they were still two), celebrated their birthday. I was out of town so I missed it. Their Mom, in all her niceness, tho't about celebrating them at our Monday night small group party which meant I could participate in the festivities.
Yippee! So I "signed up," not being one to miss out on such a significant event. And then, got back into town to realize, I'd also committed to leading a meeting at my church, the same very night.

Must make better notes in my mental calendar.

Hoping for a few celebratory moments prior to my meeting, I showed up early to at least see the kids, but they were gone getting their hairs cut.
I left for my meeting, seeing their cute new "dos" but without any play time.
And, contrary to my other friend's' assurance, they had all kinds of fun while i was gone.
Happy for them...really, I am!

I absolutely abhor missing parties.

In related news, however, I must rejoice and testify that God has soooooo answered the prayers and cries of our hearts at "my" little church that the meeting really blew me away. He answers in such fantastic, creative ways. I mean, sometimes I think I have a good idea, but Abba, Father, He has that going on! He's good!! And I love seeing His great ideas roll out.

Thanks, Lord, for your overwhelmingly generous and creative ways!

Pix credit: #1 Z & me & S: Camping 0806, Karen!
#2 B in his blue-eyed-ness; camping 0906, His momma!

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White Rabbit said...

Thanks for loving my kids so much!!!