30 January 2007


In my previous life, probably b/c of a college friend, i utilized this philosophy regarding vacation: you don't count the day you're on, and you don't count the day you leave, thus in my current scenario it's ONE day away. (Please don't consider this too closely as this method breaks down completely b/c tomorrow technically is the day before I leave, and I can't count it...and well, hmm, see, yes, it falls apart, but really, b/c it's the day before the trip, it doesn't even matter).
It's about anticipation.
And preparation.
And excitement.
And countdown.
I love it.

So the last time I saw Tommy and Gilly was when Beth and I traveled to Scotland for their wedding in 0605. This is one of the fabulous pictures that Beth captured of the day.

Since that time, they moved to Ireland (well, technically, Tommy already lived there). Their story continued in a whirlwind of sorts as they soon got pregnant and were excited to usher in a new life. Until the baby ushered in quite early (April instead of July) and we all hung on with them as "wee" Beth fought for life.
We desperately wanted to go see her. And them. So finally, by God's great grace, oodles of prayers, and the green light, so to speak, last August, after wee Beth had been safely home for a couple weeks, we booked the flight. For February!!!
We don't even know what she looks like. But we're on our way, shortly.
And someday, soon, I'll likely have lovely pictures of her for all to enjoy. Stay tuned!


bet said...


Gracie said...

Amen, sister!!

Angel said...

yay i hope that you have a good time

Jewels said...

Have a great trip, Gracie!!!!!!!

bet(h) said...

um...my name is actually beth. with an h. oops :) guess I was in too much of a hurry, what with the packing and all!!! anyway, YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!!

cindy said...

i can't wait to see pictures of the baby we prayed so fervently for! will you be taking your wee mac and blogging from ireland?

Gracie said...

thanks angel, jewels, bet(h), :-) and yes, Cindy, I will not leave home without my Mac. [And hope to find lots of internet connection in the UK. (I have to do stuff for my class, too!)]