29 September 2008

The girls--birthday shout out to my nieces

Today is my nieces' birthday. I love saying that. It is pretty unusual. Often people will respond, "both of them have a birthday today? Are they twins?"
And I shake my head and say that they were born three years apart. Georgia Grace was a unexpected "gift" for Katrina Joanne on Kate's third birthday.

I wish you could get to know them in this simple post. They are beautiful girls. Kate turns 10, Georgia 7. And they are growing up into such lovely young ladies.
If only you could sense what happens in Kate when I've sat next to her in her room at bedtime and prayed with her. There is something so spiritually sensitive within her. And you may recall her trip to Chicago to receive her surprise American Girl doll. She doesn't demand a toy at every turn. She is developing a lovely sweet spirit.

And then there is Georgia who even at an early age could tell jokes and make a person laugh. Her strong will may have caused more grey hair in my sister, but since starting school it seems, Georgia has come into her own. She is also a delightful young girl. When Kate brought back something for her from the American Girl doll store, Georgia said, "This is for me?" with so little expectation and complete gratitude.

It is a gift to celebrate them. It is a gift to experience (even from a far) how God continues to nurture and develop their hearts, souls and spirits.

Happy Birthday dear Katrina!
Happy Birthday beloved Georgia!

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Jewels said...

Will you be my auntie? Oh wait, you're way too young for that!