19 September 2008

funfact friday

A couple of my bloggin friends inspired me with their reoccurring features...like Confession Tuesdays and
Netherlands Neusdays
and Interview Tuesdays (ha, just realized they're all on Tuesdays). I'm not going to copy them completely, because I can't commit to such regularity. But occasionally I tho't I might offer tasty or otherwise tedious tidbits of well, perhaps pure silliness or random information.

Today I offer this:
Jordan and I walk nearly every weekday morning. We see wildlife (today as an example, four adult deer, three fawns, and several, maybe ten wild turkeys) and sunrises and fog, besides people and all weather related sights. Today I noted again that when I walk on sidewalks, especially, I subconsciously avoid cracks.

The whole, "step on a crack, break your Mother's back" rhyme, well, it is ingrained in me to not step on them. I change my stride, I pull up or lengthen it all to strain beyond or step short of the sidewalk crack. In fact, I try to make myself NOT pay attention to it, and the very next stretch of sidewalk I realized I was doing it all over again. It's the little bit of OCD in all of us perhaps. Or, at least, in me.

Does anyone else do this? or anything like it? I'm hoping someone can identify with me.

Pic credit: Hildred, 0907.


Karen said...

Beth and i were walking one time, and she commented that she was having a hard time matching my stride. And at that point i realized that i was totally switching my stride around according to where the cracks in the sidewalk were.

I find myself doing it often. I try not to, and yet? Totally feel weird when i intentionally ignore the cracks. So...yeah.

Jewels said...

I skip the sidewalk and walk on the road - no cracks there, lol.

hildred said...

for me it's the stair counting; don't know why, but that's my thing!

beth said...

I try not to step on cracks, I count my steps without realizing it and also am careful to never walk on manholes or grates in the sidewalk for fear of falling in.

Gracie said...

Thank you. I KNEW I liked you guys.