11 September 2008


Dear reader,
There is some language in the following post that is not typical of my blog. (Although, sadly, sometimes typical of my speech. Sorry, Mom.) I could remove certain letters, but you're smarter than that. So, please forgive the vulgarity for this little tale.

It all started when I needed to be at work early today.
(And by early, I mean 9:30, which doesn't seem early to some, but since I work until 8 or 9 p, 9:30 a is definitely early.)

I like to start the work day right (for me) with a glass of water.
You who know me well, know I drink a lot of water.
It is my beverage of choice at most, if not all occasions.

But to do so, or really, for the next person to enjoy water, I needed to replace the water cooler container. (This sounds so altruistic, doesn't it?)
I automatically remove the seal and get ready to flip the jug over into the unit. But somehow, in the flipping, it slips.

Water starts spurting everywhere like an out of control fire hose.
And then the jug drops completely out of my hands.
I see water escaping wildly from both ends and realize in the drop, the bottom of the jug has cracked.

I sputter something in the process, likely, "Shit, Shit. Shit!" to which my co-worker comes running.
He surveys the situation and exclaims, "Crap!"
as I'm muttering, "what do I do?"
He says, "put it in the sink,"
which we both realize is in a locked classroom across the hall.

So he grabs the garbage can and we fling the leaking jug in there.
He begins carrying it across to the aforementioned locked classroom and we notice the garbage can is leaking. (Mind u, it had a bag in it, but, okay, it's leaking.)

I fumble with the keys and finally unlock the classroom.
He dashes toward the sink only to have the "bucket" burst.

Yep, guess we can't afford to have a trash can without a hole in it either.

The redeeming part of the day is that Absopure happened to deliver NEW bottles today. And when I told them the story, they communicated that when a bottle breaks, they refund the bottle. And even more generous, he refunded TWO bottles.

Perhaps it was the four fans spinning overtime to soak up the water that evoked his mercy? Or, they're just a great company.

I know I highly recommend them.
And I highly recommend the laughter that spontaneously bursts forth after an incident like this.
It has amused me, us, and now hopefully you, in random moments all day long.
Probably a chuckle will escape tomorrow, too.
Maybe over the weekend...


Jewels said...

Hilarious. Wish I was there!!!

SeaSaw Mom said...

Just stopping by to say "hi". I love that you now have water at work - wish I could have thought of that!!!
Glad to see the generosity shown to you, and glad to visit you again. Even "just" online, you have a calming effect on my life.
Miss you.

Brown Eyed Girl said...

I think you may have been breaking so OSHA rules by have electric fans sitting on a water soaked floor. :-)

Anonymous said...

hee hee

Sabrina said...

Diana said the "S" word! te he te he...

Lana Baker said...

Hehehe, that was a good one! I can just see the whole thing in my mind's eye...try to coordinate the next episode for a Thursday at about 5:45~I'd like to see it up close and personal! Thanks for sharing...

Sabrina said...


Gracie said...

Thanks, J.
Katy!!! You are missed. Your life looks and sounds full. Thanks for all the updates.
R-yikes. I never tho't of that. Did I mention where I work? :-)
S-yes. Too often perhaps. Thanks for noticing. :-)
And yes, I figured TC=Lars. But that is NOT enuf for me!
L-Okay, I'll see what I can do for this week! As if you all need more drama or entertainment.