09 September 2008

Bread and Jam

At church Sunday we exchanged sack lunches for a potluck. Some might call it a mystery lunch!
It reminded me of a book my family had, accompanied with an audio recording-- a record (LP anyone?) that I could read and listen to for hours. It is the story of Frances, a sweet bear who compares her lunch to her classmates' lunches. She begins wishing she could have lunches like other people in her class. She explores her discontent even by trading her lunch.
At the end, she resolves that she likes her familiar bread and jam after all.
It's sweet.
Does any one remember this classic children's book?

Our church hosts potlucks rather regularly. This particular sack lunch exchange is a fun twist. I actually don't know who packed my lunch. But it was perfect. A turkey and cheese sandwich (with optional condiments if desired), a fabulous apple (a braeburn, my favorite), a rice krispy bar (also a fav) and another candy type/fiber bar. I loved it.
Perhaps an unknown twist to this exchange is that there are those who HIDE the lunches they packed to ensure that they get one they like. Where is your sense of adventure people? You're still fun, just not the risk taker I took you for. :-) (A few of you, to remain nameless of course.)

Perhaps they, like Frances, are most content with their own "bread and jam" or whatever it is they packed.


Carmen said...
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Carmen said...

okay--I have typed in this comment twice! So, here we go: Hey chicklet: you have the story a bit wrong. Frances did want B&J and didn't want anything else until her mom gave it to her for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. She got sick of it, realized what everyone else was eating, and decided she wanted the variety too. =]

Gracie said...

oh details, details. that's what it was. u're right, as usual. Bummer. It kinda ruins my post illustration, doesn't it? Well, thanks anyway.

Jewels said...

I remember that book, but I don't remember what it was about - I like BLT's for my sack lunch :)