28 July 2008

magnets and more

A long time ago...like literally months and months, a friend of mine threw out a fun challenge that we post pictures of "what's on your refrigerator?" I fully intended to do so. I immediately took this picture (way back then). But, unfortunately, I never created the post. Until today, because this very photo popped up on my screensaver to remind me.

So, the commercial asks, "what's in your wallet?"
But I'm asking, "what's on your fridge?" Does a clear or cluttered fridge communicate something about your style, personality, organizational preference, family life, etc?

Any takers out there?


Sabrina said...

I just use the top half of my fridge for fun and frivolity. I have some fortunes from fortune cookies that I like, funny retro magnets, Napoleon Dynamite magnets, The Office quotes, missionary friend's support cards, pictures of my friends, MN Twins 2008 Schedule and my kindergarten picture Pretty simple and basic... But i think it sums me up.

Jewels said...

Was that me, cause I did that once! :) lol I think your refrigerator looks like you love your fam!

Gracie said...

S-I just keep thinking how much you and Beth remind me of each other. I swear you could also be describing HER fridge. Well, save for the Twins schedule and your k-garten photo... :-)

J-It WAS you. I do love my family and friends, too. I have a picture of YOU guys as well. but u can't really see that.