22 July 2008

shrimp cakes, shrimp cocktail, jumbo shrimp...

So, I'm in Gulf Shores. And it is beautiful.
Last night, we went with Forrest and Bubba on a boat, to get shrimp.
Well, okay, not with Forest, but with Cap'n Lori.
We hauled a literal boatload of shrimp and other fish.
The beauty was, we got to feed the leftovers to dolphins.
And they,
well, they are amazing creatures.
I could watch them play,
swim, jump, even feed,
for a long long time.
(Unfortunately, I couldn't quite get my camera
to react quick enough to catch them.
But you can probably use your imagination with these photos!!)

Nice work Father!!


Brown Eyed Girl said...

That sounds like a lot of fun. Thinking of you.

Jewels said...

Cool Gracie!

Lana Baker said...

Looks like an amazing adventure! I've seen Dolphins close up too and they are beautiful creatures. You do realize that you have to come back before school starts again, right? Just checking...
You know how much I need you!