26 July 2008


There is something so glorious about the final moments of the sun.
Not so much the same with trips. Anticipation on the way TO something generates excitement. Returning gets the job done, but seems to inspire different reactions.
Thus different tactics may be necessary for a long road trip.
Take my sister Hildred and I as an example,
we are arguably the most funny people in the world when we travel.
At least, after about four or five hours in,
and typically under the cover or darkness,
we think so.

On this current trip, I learned a new word, "crunk."
You might not be familiar with it. But it apparently is a word
to describe how craziness translates
into a state of rather extreme silliness
without any use of alcohol whatsoever.

And so, in some crunk moments, some of these photos were snatched.
Time passes pleasantly and possibly more swiftly in crunk moments.

Now if only I could find a way to communicate the sound of crunk laughter,
you know the kind when the very sound of your own laugh prompts a bout of hilarity?
Yep, that's the one.
It is good for the soul!


Jewels said...

I love that word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Brown Eyed Girl said...

Oh what fun. Crunk, new to me too. Love the picture of the buff guy. He is hot!!!!!

Sam said...

Keep laughing, Banana, I love your laugh!

Lana Baker said...

Can never have to much crunk, I say! Crunk it up, sistah!
Glad you had a great trip! One more week of class and I get my long-awaited, much needed break! Off to see my family in Oregon for a nice big serving of crunk!

Gracie said...

J, yep, feel free to use and abuse. :-)
R, isn't that the best photo of B? Tee hee.
S, thanks lady. It is good for us, isn't it?
L, Oregon is such a great place. I can't wait to hear about it! I'm excited I get to see you in a few weeks! Have a great time!

hildred said...

so i was changing my "status" in myspace and look at the mood i was able to select!!!

hildred feels celebrated!!!
Mood: crunk

i only wish you could see the crazy smiley face that accompanies the mood!!! how fun ...

Jewels said...

I was feeling crunk last night but I couldn't remember the word for it :)