11 September 2007

with so much practice...

here's my question, with so much waiting under one's belt, do we get better at it?

we wait for lights to turn and for other driver's to notice.
We wait for people to answer their phones. We wait for people to call.
We wait for the clerk to notice our blinking light in the u-scan lane at the grocery store.
We wait for grades to be posted. We wait for news in the hospital.
We await word on a job.
We wait for our food to cook or our order to be ready.

We wait for the opportunity to drive and the privilege to vote.
We wait for positive notification on a pregnancy test.
We wait to get selected as an adoptive family.
We wait for the alarm to ring.
We wait for the sun to set and to rise.
We wait for our spouse to come home from work.
We wait for our children to return from school.
We wait for a baby to be born.

We wait in hope and expectation for God's move in response to prayer and to see Him active in our lives.

Oh you could definitely add your "waits" to this list.

So, the question, are we getting better at waiting?


Jodi said...

I'm not, I feel like it's getting harder as I get older.

cindy said...

nope. i'm a terrible waiter.

SeaSaw Mom said...

I'd like to think that practice makes perfect, but I don't think I take much time to practice waiting - I'm in too much of a hurry! :)

Gracie said...

jodi...u aren't getting older, r u? better they say. I'm a bit afraid of what that might mean when we're in our 70's!!

Cindy, that's not true. You've waited on me tons of times (sorry, couldn't resist). I've seen u really really really patient, though.

Yes, Kati, we do have that tap-our feet-waiting-for-the-30-seconds-on the-microwave rhythm to our lives, don't we?