06 September 2007


Here is something I've been thinking about. Can a person be too trusting? or is it naiveté or perhaps even stupidity?

The setting is this: yesterday, I was going to walk from the office I work at to the office building next door to us. My co-worker asked if I had my keys because he was planning to leave in a few minutes. He meant to lock the door. I brushed this idea aside with a comment that i'd only be gone a few minutes.
He gestured at my computer as if to say, "what about that?" And again I dismissed that concern by saying, "it'll be fine. It's only a few minutes..."

Of course as I'm walking away I imagined some dramatic scenarios. But then I quickly swiped those away because I didn't think they'd be possible. And certainly i didn't want to believe that someone would steal my computer and/or take something from our office while I was away.

But was that an example of stupidity or naiveté or trust or?? Does God saying he'll care for us and watch over us include leaving the office unattended for a few minutes or is that stretching His promises too far?

At the end of the day, it may not matter. But it's been on my mind...

In other news, the above picture was supposed to be on my post yesterday but it fell off, or something. It's my friend reading ever-so-patiently and sweetly to her daughter--which I couldn't necessarily capture, but it was sweet and patient.
And this photo...
well, this is my friend trying to avoid the camera.
Or something...

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